Adrien Broner Denied Early Release From Jail :::: #Sports

Adrien Broner was denied an early release from jail this week, so he remains jailed on a 30-day sentence.
The boxing star was sentenced to immediate jail time on July 19th, when he showed up three hours late to court and drunk for a court appearance. he was accused of assaulting and robbing another man during a bowling alley incident, and the judge was to dismiss the case... but instead, threw him in jail.
On Thursday (July 28), Broner asked to be released early, so he could train for an upcoming fight, but the judge denied his request, reports TMZ. "If I let you go early because you're a sports star, what message does that send? You didn't show up. You were three hours late and drunk. I said 30 days, and 30 is the number," the judge said.
Broner turned 27 this month... in jail.

Tyron Woodley Stuns Robbie Lawler With First Round KO :::: #Sports

After two successful title defenses, UFC welterweight champ Robbie Lawler was stunned by Tyron Woodley via first round KO on Saturday night (July 30) at UFC 201.
Lawler became the seventh UFC champion to fall this year, ending a title reign that began in December 2014. And, it came via a crushing overhand right by Woodley, putting the now-former champ away at the 2:12 mark -- the fastest finish in UFC welterweight title fight history.

Iggy Azalea Hit With $270K Tax Lien :::: #Music

Iggy Azalea may be free from ex-fiance Nick Young, but she's not free from the IRS.
According to TMZ, the rapper has been hit with tax lien, stemming from $269,980.20 in federal taxes owed from 2015.
This follows a lien she was hit with in April, for $391,056.55 in unpaid taxes from 2014. Following the report, she said she had opted to make payments to the IRS to settle the debt.
Adding both up, Iggy owes a whopping $661,000 altogether.

LOL! Draymond Green Accidently Snapchats D*ck Pic :::: #NBA

Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green has been documenting his Olympics experience on Snapchat. While things have been rather tame, and mostly consisting of him goofing around with his teammates, an XXX-rated snap made its way onto his Snapchat Story on Sunday morning (July 31).
Apparently, a picture of an erect penis was reportedly posted.
It was quickly deleted, and the Green took to Twitter to claim he was hacked. "Lol sheesh," he tweeted, adding: "Hacked..... Can't win right now".

Beenie Man Misses OVO Fest Due to Zika Virus :::: #Music

Dancehall star Beenie Man was forced to miss his headlining performance at Drake's OVO Fest Saturday night (July 30), after contracting the Zika virus.
The Jamaican native took to Instagram to detail his illness, revealing that the Canadian government had denied his visa after finding out that he had tested positive for the virus.
Beenie Man said the same mosquito had also given him Dengue Fever, and is currently receiving a treatment regimine of "blood tests, injections, [and] pills."
He was scheduled to perform for a co-headlining set Saturday night alongside Machel Montano.

Chance The Rapper Performs at Lollapalooza in Chicago :::: #Music

The second day of the Lollapalooza Festival went down in Chicago on Friday (July 29), and Flosstradamus brought out a very special guest -- Chance the Rapper.
The hometown rapper took the stage to perform two songs from his critically-acclaimedColoring Book project, including "No Problem" and "Summer Friends".
Also, NBA star Dwyane Wade, who recently left the Miami Heat and signed to the Chicago Bulls, popped up on the stage with Chance.

Rihanna – Goodnight Gotham (Video) :::: #Music

Rihanna hit fans with another new visual off her ANTI album this week for "Goodnight Gotham," where she gets up close with the NAVY.
The minute-long clip, which was was shot in Paris in December 2014 before the release ofANTI, sees Riri meeting fans at the iconic Eiffel Tower, running out to them as they mob her and lift her on their shoulders.

Woah! Skydiver Jumps 25,000-Feet From Airplane Without Parachute :::: #LifeStyle

Woah! Luke Aikins, the modern day Evel Knievel, attempted and achieved world's first on Saturday (July 3), when he leaped from an airplane with no parachute.
He skydived 25,000 feet above Simi Valley, Calif. and landed into a 100-foot by 100-foot net unscathed.
Aikins, a self-described "member of the Red Bull Air Force, professional skydiver, BASE jumper, stuntman, pilot ... (and) aviation expert," did the astonishing stunt, billed "Heaven Sent," live on TV while his family and supporters watched from the landing site.
"I'm here to show you that if we approach it the right way and we test it and we prove that it's good to go, we can do things that we don't think are possible," he told Q13 Fox.
Watch the jump below:

Kanye West Wants to End Apple Music-TIDAL Beef :::: #Music

Kanye West took to Twitter on Saturday afternoon (July 30), with another one of his epic rants.
This time, he declared that an Apple Music versus Tidal beef is "f*cking up the music game".
Ye feels he can fix the problem too, by getting Apple CEO Tim Cook and Jay Z on the phone, while telling Apple to stop acting like "Steve" (presumably a reference to the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs) and "give Jay his check."
See Kanye's series of tweets below, via a screenshot, in case he deletes them.

Amber Rose Says Wiz Khalifa Put “Babies” on Her Face Last Week :::: #Entertainment

Amber Rose apparently wants another child with her ex-husband Wiz Khalifa, and has been trying to get him to donate his sperm.
During the latest episode of the Amber Rose Show, she discusses the "sperm" situation.
"This weekend I went to Charlotte, North Carolina, to see my baby father perform while he's on tour with Snoop," Rose explains. "Now you know that we have Sebastian together, and I really, really want another baby. So I asked him for his sperm, like I always do every time I'm around him. And, I'm like, you know, he'll probably probably give me some more sperm so we can have another baby. But instead, he just put his babies on my face. Thanks, Wiz."
Umm, okay... that's a little graphic...
Rose was at the July 24 stop on Wiz and Snoop's "High Road Summer Tour", and also shared Snaps during Wiz's set asking, "Bash's dad" to help her "make a baby! And another one!"

Guy Fieri Says He Helped Recruit Kevin Durant to the Warriors ::::: #Sports

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri recently claimed he helped recruit Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors.
In an interview with First We Feast, Fieri was asked a number of random questions like, "Drake or Joe Budden" and "Crocs or flip-flops"?
But, when "Steph Curry or Kevin Durant?" came up, it was a little tougher, being that both players are on his favorite team. While he settled on Durant... he also dropped the bombshell: he recruited KD to Cali.
"I remember telling his agent during the Playoffs, 'I know he's coming up, you've gotta get him to Golden State.' You can ask his agent, I said it to him during the Playoffs," Fieri explained. "I even have the text. I said, 'It's coming up, I want him, you gotta bring him.' And he was laughing -- yeah, yeah, yeah -- and he blew me off. [Then later on] I was away from my cell phone, out on the boat, and I was able to get a signal. In came a note from my buddy: 'KD GS,' and I went arghhhhhh!"
What!!? Did Guy Fieri have a hand in helping KD's decision? LOL!

Bill O’Reilly Says Slaves Who Built the White House Were “Well Fed” :::: #LifeStyle

Seriously Bill O'Reilly? GTFOH!
The longtime TV host went off on Fox News show The O'Reilly Factor earlier this week, defending himself over comments he previously said that slaves who built the White House were "well fed and had decent lodgings."
O'Reilly made the comments on Tuesday (July 26), in response to First Lady Michelle Obama's speech at the DNC the night before, in which she said, "I wake up every morning in a house that was built by slaves, and I watch my daughters, two beautiful, intelligent, black young women, playing with their dogs on the White House lawn."
On his show, O'Reilly said the White House was not built entirely by slaves and that those who did participate in its construction were treated well. His comments did not go over well ... and the backlash has been severe online.
Tim74 on Twitter, wrote: "Bill O’Reilly said some slaves had it pretty good. Interesting. Does he have any positive spin on the Holocaust? He seems glass-half-full."
O'Reilly later responded to criticisms, essentially says that he was explaining history, not defending it, as it is "a given that slavery is an abomination."
"As any honest historian knows, in order to keep slaves and free laborers strong, the Washington administration provided meat, bread and other staples, also decent lodging on the grounds of the new presidential building," he said.
He went on to call the criticism of his response as a smear campaign from "left wing zealots" who want to "harm the Fox News channel."
"I think the time has come now, where this whole network is going to have to band together, all of us, and we are going to have to call out the people who are actively trying to destroy this network, by using lies and deception and propaganda. We're going to have to start to call them out by name, because that's how bad it's become."

Inside Gigi Hadid’s $4 Million New York Noho Apartment :::: #LifeStyle

Model Gigi Hadid recently plopped down $4 million on a new apartment in Manhattan's upper-class neighborhood of NoHo... which we get a look at here, via Forbes.
The 2,085-square-foot property features two bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.
Designed by Selldorf, the space sports a contemporary monochromatic palette of black, white, and beige. The second-floor apartment opens into 10-foot 10-inch ceilings, which sport mahogany-lined windows that are eight feet tall, offering excellent natural light.
The building itself features a boutique lobby, concierge, storage units, and a fitness center overlooking a sunken garden.

Amar’e Stoudemire Says Suns Weren’t Receptive to His Retirement :::: #NBA

Amar'e Stoudemire announced this retirement this week, after signing with the Knicks to formally close out his career with the team. But, the decision made fans wonder: Why not the Phoenix Suns?
Apparently, the six-time All-Star has made it clear, over the past two offseasons, he wanted to return to Phoenix, but says he "wasn't getting any positive response."
"That would've been the perfect way to go out," Stoudemire told The Arizona Republic this week. "I didn't want to beg Phoenix. My heart was in two places -- Phoenix and New York. I just went where I was wanted."
Stoudemire signed non-guaranteed contract with New York on Tuesday (July 26), before announcing his retirement. It's unclear if he asked the Suns for the same deal.

French Montana feat. Drake – No Shopping (Video) :::: #Music

French Montana finally delivers the visual to his buzzing Drake-assisted single, "No Shopping".
In the clip, the rappers take us to Dominican Republic in a hilarious spoof golf tourney, the Coke Boys Clásico, before getting their party on across the island and hanging with countless vixens.
"No Shopping" appears on French's sophomore album MC4, due Aug. 19.

Justin Bieber x Urban Outfitters “Purpose Tour” Merch :::: #Fashion

With Justin Bieber's "Purpose Tour" continuing through later this fall, he teams up with Urban Outfitters for the release of a capsule of exclusive tour merch.
The collection consists of five pieces, including a hoodie, short sleeve tee, long-sleeve tee, baseball cap and coach's jacket. Each piece features Bieber's rocker-style Purpose Tour logo.
The "Purpose Tour" collection drops Aug. 5 at all Urban Outfitters stores, following by anonline drop Aug. 8. Pieces range from $35 to $99 USD.
To celebrate the launch, Urban Outfitters will host events in New York, London and Los Angeles, each taking place on Aug. 5, from 6-8 PM in each city's respective time zone. The events will feature a live DJ, refreshments, giveaways and signed merchandise by Justin Bieber.

The Drake Stans Who Ran Up On Joe Budden Speak :::: #Music

Joe Budden made headlines earlier this week, when clips of him chasing down Drake fans in his neighborhood surfaced.
Since the incident, Joe has explained his side of the story. Now, the three Stans behind the incident have come forward, telling their side of the story to Mass Appeal.
Now famous for heckling Joe Budden, the kids explain what transpired during their run-in with the rapper, which apparently took place over the course of a full morning and afternoon. It eventually ended with Joe showing up to their doorstep and speaking to one of the teens' older brothers to get the issue resolved.
The three teens later offered their opinion on Budden's beef with Drake, essentially saying he has no chance of winning.

Dwyane Wade Officially Introduced With Chicago Bulls :::: #NBA

Nearly a month after signing with Chicago, Dwyane Wade was officially introduced to the media on Friday (July 29) as a member of the Bulls.
One of his first moves as a Bull, the NBA star made it clear that Jimmy Butler is the star in Chicago, not him. "This is Jimmy's team," he said. "It won't be a tug and pull whose team it is."
Wade went on to recall Shaquille O'Neal's move to Miami in 2004, during which Big Shaq made a similar statement. "We had no championships at the time, and I remember his press conference," Wade said. "I was playing in the Olympics at the time, like Jimmy is right now. And I remember Shaq said: 'We're not going to go through this all year. This is Dwyane Wade's team.'
"So, we're not going to go through this all year. This is Jimmy Butler's team. Myself and Rondo are here to bring what we bring as athletes to this team and to this city. He's the young Bull on this team. He's a 26-year-old who can play 40 minutes if coach wants him to and maybe more. I ain't trying to do all that. And we're going to depend on him a lot."

Joe Budden Kills Freestyle On Funk Flex :::: #Music

Although Joe Budden is getting hassled by Drake fans both online and offline, but the boy got bars... as if we didn't know.
The New Jersey rap vet/Slaughterhouse group member appeared on Funkmaster Flex's Hot 97 show this week, and delivered a sick freestyle over Fabolous's "Breathe" instrumental.

Anti Social Social Club x Penthouse Capsule :::: #Fashion

Anti Social Social Club has teamed up with men's magazine Penthouse for a small capsule, which is modeled her by porn star Skin Diamond. The collection features a cap hoodie, both done up in the brand's signature pink colorway and each featuring the word "PENTHOUSE" boldly on the front.
The Penthouse x Anti Social Social Club capsule drops on July 29 in limited quantitiesonline.

Here’s How Russell Westbrook Really Feels About KD Leaving OKC :::: #NBA

Nearly a month after Kevin Durant announced that his signing to the Golden State Warriors, we've yet to hear what his now-former teammate Russell Westbrook thinks about it.
There's been various reports from various sources that point to him being upset, but he, himself, has yet to offer his opinion.
While we probably won't get a real answer from him until the 2016-17 NBA season is closer, Facebook user Aijalon O SoGmfe caught up with Westbrook this week and asked him the question everybody's waiting for.
"Hey bro, how you feel about Durant, man?" Westbrook's response? It's pretty classic. See it below:

Here’s What’s Coming to Netflix August 2016 :::: #Entertainment

It's that time again. With July just about finished, Netflix will again swap out its list of titles and shows, and add an array of new ones for viewers to enjoy.
For August, Netflix rolls out a ton of original programming, such as Funny or Die documentary titled Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie, while adding movies like the Oscar-winning No Country for Old Men and two films in The Fast and the Furiousfranchise, among others.
Browse the full list of films and TV shows being added to Netflix.

2016 Road To Rio Tour: Venice Beach, Los Angeles (Recap) :::: #Sports

With the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio days away, AT&T helped celebrate Team USA send off on the final stop of the Road to Rio tour this past weekend at Los Angeles' famed Venice Beach. And... they invited us along to experience it for ourselves.
Making stops across the country, the tour offered the ultimate experience for fans, with Team USA athlete meet and greets, as well as a number of installations like VR stations where fans can experience various Olympic games like the long jump or high dive for themselves, to green-screen technology that allows fans to capture their own Olympic moments.
The Road to Rio LA stop even included a zip line and the AT&T Main Stage, where fans were treated to an array of entertainment from Brazilian Samba dancers to musical performances from singer/actress Hailee Steinfeld, among others.

Adidas Introduces the Tubular Instinct :::: #Fashion

Adidas introduces a new model from the Tubular series for Summer 2016, the Tubular Instinct in this black/white colorway.
Sticking to the shoe’s original design blueprint, the shoe uses the original suede construction with premium textile details, while applying tonal color-blocking across the upper and finishing it with rope laces and trefoil branding on the heel.
The Adidas Tubular Instinct drops Aug. 12 online.

Rallycross Champ Scott Speed Ambassador For “Motorsport Manager” :::: #Tech

Motorsport Manager, the immersive motorsport management PC game experience, announces a partnership with Rallycross champion Scott Speed, as its new brand ambassador.
Created by Playsport Games and published by SEGA, the game is a highly detailed management experience for motorsport fans. Players are embedded in the world of open-wheeled racing and take on the role of team manager. You make every decision in building your own team, starting with the construction of your own headquarters and workshops to hiring the most experienced of drivers. It then allows the player to tune the cars, develop new parts and create race strategies in real time.

G-Eazy ft. Jeremih – Saw It Coming (Video) :::: #Music

Just weeks after the release of the Ghostbusters reboot, the film's soundtrack G-Eazy and Jeremih-led single, "Saw It Coming", gets a music video. In the clip, the Bay Area rapper gets possessed by a ghost, spitting up green slime as he raps his verse. Who you gonna call?
The Ghostbusters soundtrack also features Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott, among others.

YG ft. Slim 400 – Word Is Bond (Video) :::: #Music

Fresh off the release of his Still Brazy album, YG releases yet another video for the Slim 400-assisted cut, "Word Is Bond". Directed by 2Tone (of Born x Raised), the clip consists of footage of YG and his career in Tokyo.
Still Brazy is available now.

Action Bronson, Tyler the Creator Watch “Ancient Aliens” Together :::: #Entertainment

VICELAND recently its new show, Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens, and its latest episode includes guest Tyler The Creator.
During the show, Bronson, his crew and Tyler sit around getting high, while watching episodes of The History Channel's Ancient Aliens... and offering hilarious commentary.
Traveling The Stars: Action Bronson & Friends Watch Ancient Aliens airs on VICELAND every Thursday at 11 p.m.

Soulja Boy’s Birthday Ends Early Due to Shooting :::: #Music

Soulja Boy's birthday party ended early, when one of his guests were shot early Friday morning (July 29).
According to TMZ, the rapper was celebrating his 26th birthday at a Los Angeles recording studio, with friends like Sean Kingston. Police say one of the partygoers stepped outside, and was held up by a male suspect wearing a mask who pulled up in a car.
The report says there was a struggle, which ended with the victim being shot in the arm, while the robber fled by car. The victim was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.
Soulja Boy had left the scene before police arrived. Kingston has already left before the shooting took place.
While police are investigating, there are currently no suspects.

Jeremy Lin Appears In “Space Jam 3” Spoof ::::: #Entertainment

There's been talk of a Space Jam sequel, starring LeBron James, but what about Space Jam 3... starring Jeremy Lin?
The BrooklyN Nets guard recently appeared in a funny spoof for an anime-inspired sequel to the famed film, which originally starred Michael Jordan.

TBS Developing Comedy Inspired By Notorious B.I.G. :::: #Music

Nearly 20 years since his death, Biggie is coming to TBS.
The network announced this week that it is developing a scripted comedy, inspired by the late Notorious B.I.G., titled Think B.I.G..
The show will focus on a teenage father of two in the inner city, trying to make his way, with storylines loosely based on Biggie's rhymes. The series is being created and produced by Mass Appeal, in partnership with Wayne Barrow of Bystorm Films and Voletta Wallace for Notorious B.I.G. Inc.
Mass Appeal is also teaming with TBS for Storyville, an animated digital series. A few test runs have been released online, including the one below, where Questlove speaks on an encounter with Prince.

Game Announces “1992: Block Wars Tour” :::: #Music

After doing his part in Los Angeles against police brutality, Game is hitting the road for his "1992: Block Wars Tour."
The U.S. tour kicks off Aug. 26 in Oakland, before traveling to San Diego, Phoenix, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and Chicago, with the final date on Oct. 6 in Portland.
A New York date, and European run will follow in the winter.
"So I haven't did an American tour in a min," Game wrote on Instagram. "Been doing shows overseas & my US fans been HOT at me for years... So here it is: The OFFICIAL #1992 US tour dates so far."
The tour is named after Game's upcoming album 1992.
Tickets for "1992: Block Wars" are on sale now.

Rick Ross Signs Homeless Rapper To Maybach Music :::: #Music

Rick Ross' Maybach Music label is growing, after signing Isa Muhammad this week.
His recording contract came after the homeless rapper spit a freestyle for Ross on Venice Beach, impressing him and ultimately leading to his deal with MMG.
"Ross saw Isa Muhammad and he saw a vision. Isa was raw, authentic and organically talented," MMG president Kendell "Young Sav" Freeman said.
"This was something that I wasn't expecting," Ross added. "This kid gave me his heart when he was spitting and the internet got a hold of the video I put up on my Snapchat. I wanted to give an opportunity for someone else to be put on -- I know so many people in his same position. MMG is about giving back and pushing the culture forward by finding new and real talent. Isa Muhammad will reflect quality rap music and MMG is going to make sure of that."

The Great Wall (Official Trailer) Matt Damon :::: #Entertainment

Here's the first trailer for director Zhang Yimou's American-Chinese sci-fi, The Great Wall, starring Matt Damon and Andy Lau. In the clip, we see a war, while uncovering the mystery centered around the construction of the Great Wall of China.
The Great Wall premieres Feb. 17, 2017.

Adidas PureBOOST X Gets Red Makeover :::: #Fashion

After launching earlier this year, Adidas brings back the Pure BOOST X in a new, eye-catching colorway for the latest edition.
The sneaker features a floating arch that hugs the foot and provides support, alongside a BOOST sole unit for added cushioning and response. A STRETCHWEB rubber outsole adapts to the ground for enhanced stability. A lightweight synthetic and textile upper is added, while the custom lacing system provides a lock-down fit.
The new red Pure BOOST X today is available now online for $120 USD.

Mafia III: Cassandra – The Voodoo Queen (Trailer) :::: #Tech

As fans await October for the release of Mafia III, 2K delivers a new trailer, offering a look into one of game's characters: Cassandra – The Voodoo Queen.
The mysterious and ruthless Cassandra is one of Lincoln Clay's three lieutenants, who join forces with him to dismantle the Italian mafia. The clip offers an inside look at the motivations of the Haitian mob's leader and her relentless plans to destroy New Bordeaux's human trafficking trade, no matter the cost.
Mafia III drops Oct. 7. Pre-order yours at Amazon.

YG Explains Why He Got G-Eazy & Macklemore For “FDT 2” :::: #Music

After causing a stir with the original "F*ck Donald Trump" earlier this year, YG followed up with "Part 2" last week, enlisting the help of G-Eazy and Macklemore.
In a recent interview with i-D, the Compton rapper discusses why he took political stand with the song, and how Macklemore and G-Eazy ended up being on the remix.
"That was my first time making a meaningful record; I usually do the turn ups. But that sh*t had a real impact," YG explains.
"It’s like, 'Wake up, America.' Motherf*ckers are talking about drugs and parties and guns and sh*t. But they gotta know there’s more sh*t going on," he added. "We gotta say something, cause if not, it’s like we’re out here standing for nothing, like we ain’t got no morals. That ain’t what it is. That ain’t me."
Rearding G-Eazy and Macklemore contributions to "Part 2", YG explains why he wanted the two, white rappers on the song.

New “Suicide Squad” Featurette Showcases Ton of New Footage :::: #Entertainment

Ahead of the August release of Suicide Squad, Warner Bros. delivers a new featurette with a ton of new footage, while offering some behind the scenes with the film's main actors.
Titled "It’s Good To Be Bad", the clip delves into director David Ayer's directing style, the intense physical training the cast underwent, and the relationships that were built between the various cast members. Throughout, we see new footage from Suicide Squad we've yet to see.
The film releases Aug. 5.

Honest Trailers: The Bourne Trilogy :::: #Entertainment

With Jason Bourne hitting theaters this week, the fellas at Screen Junkies takes a look back at the Bourne Trilogy, via their hilarious "Honest Trailers" series.
Via the faux trailer, the host offers hilarious and honest commentary about the action series that made Matt Damon an action star.

Publish Brand x Clae Bradley Mid “Night Moves” :::: #Fashion

Following a collaboration earlier this year, Publish Brand re-ups with Clae for another footwear partnership, introducing the Bradley Mid.
The new silhouette debuts in this "Night Moves" colorway. Outfitted in oiled suede materials and built atop a durable cupsole platform, the mid-top design features a blacked-out build that is complemented by tonal uppers and contrasted by a stark white ankle collar. The ankle collar is crafted in neoprene, while leather linings and molded insoles provide a comfortable, all-day wear.
Limited to 500 pairs globally, the Publish Brand x Clae Bradley Mid releases on Aug. 4 exclusively through for $150 USD.

EBC x Reebok Question Mid Celebrates Iverson’s Rucker Park Game :::: #Fashion

Reebok Classic continues its celebration of the Allen Iverson's Question silhouette with another themed colorway.
This time around, the Question Mid celebrates A.I.'s appearance at the Entertainer's Basketball Classic (EBC) at NYC's Rucker Park back in 1996.
The sneaker carries the theme of the jersey worn by Iverson during the game, via gold mesh upperr, while navy is added to the midsole and heel, and detailed areas such as the piping and lacing. Additionally, the phrase "Standing Room Only" is placed on each heel, as a reference when seats for spectators are no longer available during play.
This Reebok Question Mid drops Aug. 5 at select Reebok Classics retailers and online.

DJ Khaled Offers Untold Big Pun & Fat Joe Stories :::: #Music

With DJ Khaled's Major Key album dropping Friday (July 29), he stops by Hot 97's morning show to discuss the music, his success and more.
Khaled begins the interview with talk about why he's so positive and wants to spread love, putting together what he calls his "best work to date" with Major Key, and even offers up some untold Big Pun and Fat Joe stories.
Khaled's Major Key drops exclusively on Apple Music this week.

Kanye West & Kim Kardashian Lay in Bed For Harper’s Bazaar :::: #Fashion

In addition to their appearance in Balmain's latest campaign, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian appear in the latest issues of Harper's Bazaar.
For the cover shoot, the couple teamed up with famed fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, who shot the couple for the mag's September 2016 issue. For the spread, the two takes selfies while laying in bed together, while Kim sports everything from Yeezy, Valentino, Chanel and Prada.
Check out some of the interview highlights below, and see more at Harper's Bazaar.

Amar’e Stoudemire’s Top 10 Career Plays :::: #NBA

Following Amar'e Stoudemire's retirement announcement this week, after inking a deal with the New York Knicks, the NBA takes a look back at the star's career... with the Top 10 plays of his career.
From jaw-dropping monster dunks to significant blocks, they're all accounted for.

Apple Reaches iPhone Sales of 1 Billion :::: #Tech

Apple just hit a massive milestone, after selling its one billionth iPhone.
In celebration, CEO Tim Cook held a meeting earlier this week, where he made the announcement.
"iPhone has become one of the most important, world-changing and successful products in history," he said. "It’s become more than a constant companion. iPhone is truly an essential part of our daily life and enables much of what we do throughout the day. Last week, we passed another major milestone when we sold the billionth iPhone. We never set out to make the most, but we’ve always set out to make the best products that make a difference. Thank you to everyone at Apple for helping change the world every day."
There's been a number of iPhone 7 leaks, which is expected to release in September, but the company has yet to make an official announcement.

BlackBerry Launches the “World’s Most Secure” Smartphone :::: #Tech

BlackBerry has released its latest smartphone model, the DTEK50, which is touted as the "the world's most secure smartphone".
The second Android phone from BlackBerry features a 5.2-inch 1080p display, 13-megapixel camera and a Qualcomm Snapdragon 617 processor. It also protects users from malware and other security problems using modified Android technology, originally developed for the BB10 platform.
The company also promises to deliver rapid updates to security patches shortly after their release.
Furthermore, it does not feature a physical keyboard, but BlackBerry says it will not be abandoning its signature feature in the near future.
The BlackBerry DTEK50 is available now for $300 USD.

Nike to Lower Prices for LeBron James’ Signature Line :::: #Fashion

Nike Basketball will reportedly lower the prices of its LeBron signature sneakers, starting with the LeBron 14s.
The LeBron James signature line usually retails for around $200 USD, but will be lowered to a $175 USD pricetag, reports HYPEBEAST.
Apparently, sales of Nike's LeBron line are not what had been projected, and to combat this, a price adjustment will be implemented. Also, various retailers have credited the high pricepoint as the reason LeBrons are staying on shelves.

It's not the first time Nike has lowered prices. Kevin Durant's latest signature shoe, theKD9, will retail for $150 USD, compared to the usual $180 USD.

Adidas Ultra BOOST “White/Multicolor” Drops :::: #Fashion

After appearing on blogs for two weeks now, the Adidas UltraBOOST "White/Multicolor" colorway is finally here. The sneaker sits atop a crisp white Continental outsole and BOOST midsole, while sporting a predominantly white Primeknit upper with subtle weaves of multicolored hues throughout.
The Adidas Ultra BOOST "White/Multicolor" is available now at select stocklists, includingSneaker Politics, for $180 USD.

Joe Budden Says Drake Challenged Him to Drop 20 More Diss Tracks :::: #Music

Since unleashing a barrage of Drake diss tracks, Joe Budden has been making his media rounds... and recently, offered further insight into their beef.
In an interview with ESPN Radio's Be Honest with Cari Champion, the New Jersey rapper recently challenged him to release 25 diss tracks before the "Summer Sixteen Tour" stop at Madison Square Garden next month.
If he does, Drake promised to pay him $10,000 USD.
"For me, there was absolutely zero to say at all. And then, he sent me a very passive aggressive Insta-DM. I didn't even know how to take it," Budden explained. "And then, he continued to send them. And then I said, 'Whoa, okay.' And that's why I said I couldn’t tell you that we’re cool today, because it sounded like a man who was very hurt and just didn’t want to talk to Joe or hear from Joe or just that relationship was over. I haven't spoken to him, so I can’t even begin to even pretend to know where his brain is."

Kanye, Kim Kardashian Featured in Balmain FW 2016 Campaign :::: #Fashion

Following a teaser featuring Kanye West alongside model Joan Smalls, Balmain offers a full look at the Fall/Winter 2016 campaign.
In addition to Ye, his wife Kim Kardshian is also featured the in the French fashion house's new campaign, where Kanye sports the jacket he wore for the recent Met Gala and Kim in the same dress from that night too. Obviously, it shows off Balmain intricately-detailed pieces, reminiscent of the traje de luces (suit of lights) that bullfighters wear.
The imagery also features most of the models, including Kanye West. We're unsure what that's about though.