Dr. Dre Handcuffed Outside Malibu Home, Following Road Rage Incident :::: #Music

Dr. Dre was handcuffed by sheriff's deputies outside of his Malibu home recent, following a bizarre incident with a man on the road.
According to TMZ, Dre was involved in a dispute with a motorist who pulled off the PCH highway and stopped in front of his home.
Apparently, the hip-hop mogul asked the man to move and he did, but cussed him out in the process. When Dre pulled into his driveway, the other driver kept yelling, so Dre pulled out his phone and began recording. This, according to sources, was when the man can be heard saying: "Here we go again, another black guy with a gun."

When L.A. County Sheriffs arrived, Dre was handcuffed during the investigation and the motorist filled out a report, alleging Dre brandished a firearm.
Dre was not arrested, nor did authorities find a weapon on the scene.
According to the L.A. Times, a source familiar with the case said Dre claimed the man followed him home from a freeway where "they had been involved in a road-rage-type incident."
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