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(Djlilbofap)Tell Me about yourself?

(Lu Hound)Im an easy guy to deal with in whatever situation. I don't like to be bothered but I really don't like bothering people or feel like I'm wasting their time. My mind always has that focus on how I can improve myself. I pay attention to the smallest detail on a person & it could teach me something about my own life whether its in the music or in relationships. Bottom line though, I love a good bar-be-cue where I can have fun with a lot of close friends & family. 

(Djlilbofap)Where were you born? What city and County you reppin? 

(Lu Hound)I was born in a small town outside of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil called Nova Friburgo. I'll say I rep that plus the whole of South Florida because I get around down South. 

(Djlilbofap) How was Life in Brazil? 

(Lu Hound)A good time man, no doubt. The lifestyle & rhythm is different than that of America. People are way more laid back & happy with their lives. The main thing to do on the weekends is to get together with all your friends, like 20 of them, all in one spot to talk shit, have a drink, & live for the moment. 

(Djlilbofap)What are your achievements to this date?

(Lu Hound) I don't know what I would label as an achievement.. I feel like the biggest thing for me is to get on stage with that microphone & speak about things I really see, hear, feel, & live. I have opened up for JaRule though in Brazil. That was dope. Got in the top 8 on the "Road to Okeechobee Music Festival" which is on its scond year & is starting to get big. 

(Djlilbofap) What made you come up with the song Just do it?

(Lu Hound) Life is too short to talk about what you are going to do. You better Just go do it. I had a friend pass away when I wrote that, & the way she lived her life while she was alive really inspired me to turn things up. It made me want to be a better person. 

(Djlilbofap)Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

(Lu Hound)Five years from now I would just love to tour across the USA or Brazil. I know one is going to come. Only a matter of when. People show me a lot of love in Brazil. 

(Djlilbofap)How would you feel about working for someone who knows less than you? 

(Lu Hound)I like it as much as working with someone who knows more than me. I love to learn & I love to teach. 

(Djlilbofap)What do you like to do for fun?

 I can't lie, I love to freestyle, but away from the music I can get down on playing some ball on the court, or soccer on the field. I gotta admit though I'm not that good thats why I stay on my craft haha.

(Djlilbofap)What are you most proud of?

(Lu Hound) My parents man. Being illegal in this country & coming from literally nothing is truly humbling. I talking about, my parents came into the United States not being able to speak a word of English, and with nothing more than the clothes on their back. I slept on the floor as a kid & I didn't have much, but seeing how hard my parents hustled showed me that the only excuses you have are the ones you make for yourself. Better put: Try your hardest & don't give up, then you can never lose. 

(Djlilbofap)What is the most difficult Situation you have had to face and how did you tackle it?

 (Lu Hound)Being away from my family all my life. I looked to friends for support & sometimes advice which never worked out to well haha

(Djlilbofap)What are strengths? and What Are your Weakness? 

(Lu Hound)My strength would be that I stand for what I believe in. I only want to see the people around me grow into the best they can be. My weakness is that I get too distracted way too easily. 

(Djlilbofap)What do you enjoy about this industry?

(Lu Hound) The fun I have around like minded people. In the studio, on stage, on set. You meet some very interesting people. 

(Djlilbofap)Was there a person in your career who really made a difference in your life? 

(Lu Hound)Yeah. A bad experience turned into a life lesson haha

(Djlilbofap)Give me an example of when you have felt anger? how did you cope  and  you still perform your work?

(Lu Hound) I put it all in the music. But I'm about mine too. I really don't like when people don't respect me. 99% of my life I am just relaxed & minding my own business though. Drama is a waist of my time. 

(Djlilbofap)Who are your heroes?

(Lu Hound) I got way to many. I feel like there are a lot of great people out there in their own way & I respect them because of what they do. I know no one is perfect that's why I cant say I have a hero. 

(Djlilbofap)Are you a self starter? Give me and example? 

(Lu Hound)Yes, I always put money on myself even if I know I am going to lose. Everything I do is independent & its been getting out there on its own. I could only imagine once I have a team behind me. 

(Djlilbofap)How do feel about working long hard hours/ or Weekends?

 (Lu Hound)Cake. All I do is put hours in. 

(Djlilbofap)What can you bring to the industry?

 (Lu Hound)A style more South than the South. That South American flavor. They're some Spanish artists in the game, but I have yet to hear a Brazilian come into it & do their thing. 

(Djlilbofap)How influenced you to Rap?

 (Lu Hound)Eminem & 50 cent back in the day. That's all I listened to for about 6 months once I got their cd. 

(Djlilbofap)What are your lifelong dreams?

(Lu Hound) Cop a boat & ride through the Caribbean for some months & after have a big ass piece of land to own & take care of street dogs. 

(Djlilbofap)how can the Globalhiphop reader get in contact with you? 

(Lu Hound)Check me out on www.LuHound.com . I have all my social media under that name too. You got instagram & snapchat as lu_hound 

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