How to Monetize a small Blog Book review by #RandyB :::: #LifeStyle

Hey everyone this #RandyB with another money making book review on Luke Weil how to Monetize a Small blog. I will be doing my Pros and cons on tis Book. first i will start with the cons  My Cons are the book is to small not enough content for a professional blogger like myself. the Book can have more examples of some affiliate link for Professionals and Novice. the pros are the book taught me new strategies on how to drive in more traffic to my blog and get paid for it. the book had info on how to interact with your viewers and keep up with them like mailing list as a example. the book had great empowerment quotes like (Not just skill, or creativity and perseverance, but also a healthy dose of sheer luck to survive long enough that profitability just happens). there are more great things in this book but you have to purchase on your own to find out this is a over great book for beginners looking to make money online here is a link if you are looking to purchase for more info on social-media you can check out on Twitter x IG at  #UniversalTableCellphoneCameraStand

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