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Mystikal Reveals Album Title For Cash Money Debut, Explains How Deal Happened

MystikalNew Orleans rapper Mystikal followed the release of his new music video/single "Original" this week, by heading to BET's "106 & Park" in support of the record.
During his visit, the YMCMB signee debuted the Lil Wayne and Birdman-featured video on the show, and explained how he ended up on Cash Money Records.
Mystikal admits that he and label co-founder Birdman have been talking about him joining the roster for years, even before his six-year prison sentence.
"It's been a long time in the making," the rapper said. "Me and Baby been having conversations even during the No Limit days."

Mystikal back??? video

The year 1995 was the first time I ever heard of New Orleans rapper Mystikal. I caught one of his videos on Rap City and went out bought the cassette single for I think (out that boot camp / Ya’ll ain’t ready yet). I always thought he had outstanding energy and charisma on every record. It wasn’t until I heard “Here I Go” that I started really checking for dude. “Mind Of Mystikal” showed a lot of potential. By the time “Tarantula,” and “Let’s Get Ready” came out though I thought surely this dude was really about to blow up. Unfortunately Mystikal had a run in with the law, and was incarcerated for 6 years.
With time served, Mystikal is a free man again, and looks like he plans on getting right back into the music game. The good folks from Pyramid West TV shoot me this video interview with Mystikal speaking on his new mixtape called, “Fish Grease”, the new sound for his music, gaining clarity while in prison, and his current diet and health regimen. He even breaks out into MJ’s Thriller dance routine during a live performance. Check it out.

Mystikal To Be Released From Prison?!

For most of us who have probably forgotten anything about the 90's Hip-Hop star Mystikal, on January 16th, 2004, Mystikal was sentenced to six years in prison.
This was after Mystikal pleaded guilty to the crude act of forcing his hair stylist to perform sexual acts on him while his body guard taped the whole event.
Mystikal initially denied any of the accusations, until a video tape of the occurrence was found in his home later on.
However, after a long 6 year prison sentence, and almost a 10 year time period with no studio album, Mystikal is expected to be released as soon as this week.
Mystikal has not put any official statement regarding his release date, but many have rumored that he was already released last week and is back home in Louisiana.
According to, Mystikal is expected to be released tomorrow January the 15th.
In August 2005, Mystikal was charged with two misdemeanors for failing to turn in his taxes, adding on one more year to his sentence.
Whether he is out now or tomorrow, Mystikal is coming home soon, and should have a whole library of 16's waiting to be used in the studio.
Here is a little Mystikal throwback from back in the day, to help us remember who had us shaking our asses in the late 90's.

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