Waka Flocka Shades Desiigner, Talks Status With Gucci Mane :::: #Music

Although Desiigner's hit "Panda" is undeniable, not everyone is feeling the young Brooklyn artist. The latest being Waka Flocka Flame.
Waka recently offered his opinion on Desiigner in a Reddit AMA on Tuesday (July 27), among other topics, in support of his new mixtape, LeBron Flocka James 4.
When asked how he feels about the "Panda" rapper, he simply replied "FBG" -- a not-so-subtle reference to Future's Free Bandz Gang label.
Elsewhere, Waka offered some insight on his relationship with Gucci Mane. The two had a falling out back in 2013 over label and money drama. When he was asked, "How come you weren't at the Gucci and Friends show?" -- Gucci's recent homecoming concert -- Waka responded with "because I'm not a friend."

Also during the AMA, the rapper revealed his his plans for his long-awaited Flockaveli 2album, saying it is "dropping this winter". Some fans were skeptical after years of broken promises, he reiterated the release window several times throughout the AMA.
Apparently, Waka Flocka also plays Pokémon Go and was asked what level he's currently at. "A real Pokemon trainer would never look at his level as a benchmark of accomplishments," he wrote in response. "A real trainer just wants to have the bestPokemon in the world so that one day he may have the chance of becoming a realPokemon master."
Check out his whole Reddit AMA here.

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