The Drake Stans Who Ran Up On Joe Budden Speak :::: #Music

Joe Budden made headlines earlier this week, when clips of him chasing down Drake fans in his neighborhood surfaced.
Since the incident, Joe has explained his side of the story. Now, the three Stans behind the incident have come forward, telling their side of the story to Mass Appeal.
Now famous for heckling Joe Budden, the kids explain what transpired during their run-in with the rapper, which apparently took place over the course of a full morning and afternoon. It eventually ended with Joe showing up to their doorstep and speaking to one of the teens' older brothers to get the issue resolved.
The three teens later offered their opinion on Budden's beef with Drake, essentially saying he has no chance of winning.

"Joe Budden's pratically arguing with a wall," one kid says. "He's been dropping track by track by track. Drake is sitting in his mansion, while Joe Budden is living in a residential area where anyone can just walk up to his house and harass him. At the end of the day, if Drake wins or loses this 'rap beef', he's still winning in life... because Joe Budden is washed up."
"F*ck Joe Budden. I don't want anything to do with Joe Budden," one of them concludes.

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