Guy Fieri Says He Helped Recruit Kevin Durant to the Warriors ::::: #Sports

Celebrity chef Guy Fieri recently claimed he helped recruit Kevin Durant to the Golden State Warriors.
In an interview with First We Feast, Fieri was asked a number of random questions like, "Drake or Joe Budden" and "Crocs or flip-flops"?
But, when "Steph Curry or Kevin Durant?" came up, it was a little tougher, being that both players are on his favorite team. While he settled on Durant... he also dropped the bombshell: he recruited KD to Cali.
"I remember telling his agent during the Playoffs, 'I know he's coming up, you've gotta get him to Golden State.' You can ask his agent, I said it to him during the Playoffs," Fieri explained. "I even have the text. I said, 'It's coming up, I want him, you gotta bring him.' And he was laughing -- yeah, yeah, yeah -- and he blew me off. [Then later on] I was away from my cell phone, out on the boat, and I was able to get a signal. In came a note from my buddy: 'KD GS,' and I went arghhhhhh!"
What!!? Did Guy Fieri have a hand in helping KD's decision? LOL!

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