Burberry Sues Rapper Burberry Perry Over Name & Logo :::: #Music

Rapper Burberry Perry made a name for himself alongside frequent collaborator Lil Yachty, but now also got the attention of British fashion house Burberry, who is suing him over his rap moniker.
According to TMZ, the company claims Perry is infringing on their name and logo, using the brand they've built up over more than 150 years to market himself online.
Burberry also says the rapper deliberately stole their globally recognized plaid print and equestrian knight logo for the cover art to his self-titled debut EP.
Burberry Perry EP
The fashion brand says they served Perry with a number of cease and desist letters to no avail. So, they officially filed a lawsuit to get their point across.
Burberry Perry respond to the report with laughing emojis on Twitter.

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