Playboy Model Marissa Christopher Arrested For Helping Boyfriend’s Prison Escape :::: #LifeStyle

Playboy model Marissa Christopher was arrested over the weekend for allegedly helping her mobster boyfriend attempt to escape from a South Africa prison.
The former Playboy cover girl was arrested in Johannesburg on Saturday (July 23) for helping her boyfriend Radovan Krejcir plan a violent prison break, which was thwarted in March, reports News24.
Christopher reportedly paid for and orchestrated the escape, in which 10 people armed with assault rifles were to storm the facility to free Krejcir. She had been on the run for months, but was finally arrested this weekend, when she attempted to visit him in prison with their young daughter.
The report says the former Playmate sold a luxury Mercedes-Benz that Krejcir previously bought for her to fund the escape. She also arranged a helicopter as part of the plot... which obviously never came to fruition.

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