L.A. Rap Vet 2MEX Recovering After Emergency Surgery :::: #Music

Los Angeles rapper 2Mex is currently hos
pitalized, after going through surgery stemming from diabetic complications
While details are unclear, the underground rap vet revealed on social media that his blood sugar was so high, his foot became extremely swollen and nearly had to be amputated. He barely made it, according to his Instagram account.
"I am near death, but will fight this til the end," 2MEX wrote. "I was unaware of my 700 blood sugar. In fact the doctors looked at me like how are you alive?"

He went on to say that he had given up sugar altogether, which had an adverse effect on his health. "That sh*t hit me like a ton of bricks," he wrote. "My foot swole up like a football and the skin broke".
2MEX has undergone surgery and is currently recovering. In an IG post earlier this week, he said that he's heavily sedated, but "will survive this".

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