Hi-C Bringing Back Ghostbusters-Themed Ecto Cooler Drink :::: #LifeStyle

With the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot droppi
ng this summer, Hi-C is bringing back its themed drink, Ecto Cooler.
News of tweeted has been circulating the net, but now, we have an official announcement from Hi-C, who announced the news on Twitter.
"It's not an apparition. Taste the Ecto this summer," the brand tweeted on Monday (April 25).

 Discontinued back in 2001, Ecto Cooler will return in a 10-pack of 6 ounce juice boxes, as well as 6-pack and 12-pack 11.5 ounce aluminum cans. Another cool feature is that when the drink inside is cold, the outside of the can will change into a slime green color.
Hi-C's Ecto Cooler returns May 30, while Ghostbuster hits theaters July 15.

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