Has Nike Finally Defeated the Sneaker Bot? ::::: #Fashion

If you're a sneakerhead, copping hyped releNike may have the only effective way to stop them.
ases online is nearly impossible, thanks to the widespread use of bots. However,
According to report from HighSnobiety, the sportswear giant is the only site with an answer.
"I can tell you with 100 percent confidence, any non-lottery site is bottable," Highsnob software engineer James Murphy says. "Sometimes even finding the link for the purchase is easy with a bot, for example with Yeezy Supply and Mr Porter, or sometimes you just need the bot to click around, in the case of Supreme."

Bots are used for a wide variety of online purchases, from Ticketmasters to the stock market. But, in the case of sneakers, the only way to beat the bot is to use a lottery system/raffle, where customers are required to enter their payment and shipping information prior to the purchase... which is the case for Nike's SNKRS platform.
HighSnob says SNKRS is the only system that is "truly bot-proof and crash-proof." However, this claim is disputed, since some experienced errors during February's "OVO" Jordan 10 release.
Read the full feature now over at HighSnobiety.com. And, tell us how your experience in using Nike's SNKRS has been thus far.

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