Iggy Azalea’s Message to Nick Young: Big Middle Finger :::: #Music

Iggy Azalea and Nick Young were once very much in love, but now, the rapper has a clear message for him and his baby mama: F*CK OFF!!
TMZ cameras caught up with Iggy at an airport in Australia on Wednesday (July 6), and they asked her: "Do you have a message for Nick and [his baby's mother, Keonna Green]?"
Her answer was clear. She fired off a middle finger, and made sure to clarify that it was for her ex and the other woman, and not for the camera man.

In a recent interview, Green claims she's tried to reach out to Iggy to inform her of Nick's cheating ways... to no avail. Iggy, however, says she's a liar. When asked about it at the airport, Iggy said, "No, it's not true. And f*ck off".
Green is 22 weeks pregnant with Nick's child, and says they were hooking up since September, just three months after Nick proposed to her.

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