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(Lilbo561)Tell Me about yourself?

(Daphnee Deus)Hi, I'm Daphnee 21 years of age I'm a down to earth chick not your average girl next door, open mined and fun to be around, I am extremely weird I do things out the ordinary, I'm very competitive so bring on the competition!!!! 
(Lilbo561)Where were you born?

(Daphnee Deus)Haiti

(Lilbo561)What city and County you reppin?

(Daphnee Deus)Broward, Lauderdale Lakes

(Lilbo561)What languages do you speak?

(Daphnee Deus)English & Creole

(Lilbo561)what are your favorite foods?

(Daphnee Deus)Shrimp Pasta

(lilbo561)Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

(Daphnee Deus)I want to see myself on every urban magazine out right now and to have my business (spa)

(lilbo561)Are you currently in school or Graduated?

(Daphnee Deus)Yes, I currently graduated medical school last year now I'm currently in school for cosmetology.

 (Lilbo561)What are your achievements to this date?
(Daphnee Deus)Graduating

(Lilbo561)Are you currently in school?

(Daphnee Deus)cosmetology

(Lilbo561)who is your favorite  manager?

(Daphnee Deus)Anthony Jackson
(Lilbo561)what do you like to do for fun?
(Daphnee Deus)Go bowling, watch a movie and hang with the gang.

(Lilbo561)What kind of music are you into and who are your favorite artist?

(Daphnee Deus)I listen to everything from pop, rock, R&B, rap, hip hop, soul ect.

 (Lilbo561)What are you most proud of?

(Daphnee Deus)My son

(Lilbo561)What is the most difficult Situation you have had to face and how did?

(Daphnee Deus)loosing my parents, it was hard but you know what I told myself "What don't kill make you stronger" 
              you tackle it?

(Lilbo561)What are strengths? and What Are your Weakness?

(Daphnee Deus)My strength is my son, I don't have any weaknesses

(Lilbo561)What do you enjoy about this industry?

(Daphnee Deus)All the love and support

(Lilbo561)Give me an example of when you have felt anger? how did you cope  and  you still perform your work.

(Daphnee Deus)I had some tell me that I'm not going to accomplish nothing in life, yeah I was ready to give them the business but I thought about it and they wasn't worth the business as you can see I'm getting the work down cause I'm now featured on your site (=

(Lilbo561)How do feel about working long hard hours/ or Weekends?

(Daphnee Deus)I'm getting paid that's all that matters

(Lilbo561)What can you bring to the industry?

(Daphnee Deus)A lot of creativity

(Lilbo561)Who are your heroes?

(Daphnee Deus)Mother & Grandmother

(Lilbo561)Who influenced you to model?

(Daphnee Deus)family &friends

(Lilbo561)What are your lifelong dreams?

(Daphnee Deus)Doing everything until I go six feet under, having my own clothing line 

(Lilbo561)how can the Globalhiphop reader get in contact with you?

Facebook Search: RealDaphnee Deus  
missprettydede@Gmail.com       (lilbo561)shouts?

(Daphnee Deus)Thank you everyone for all the love and support.
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