Scottie Pippen Says 1995-96 Bulls Remain Greatest Team Ever :::: #Sports

Although the 2015-16 Golden State Warriors eclipsed the record for regular-season wins, they were unable to win the championship for the second straight season... keeping the legacy of the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls intact.
That is, according to two of the 1990s team's players.
During an interview on ESPN Radio on Monday (June 20), former Bulls player Scottie Pippen was asked who he believed the greatest team in NBA history was. His response: "The 1995-96 Bulls. We live on."
Former teammate Dennis Rodman expressed a similar thoughts in a tweet he posted after Game 7.

Congrats @cavs for winning @NBA title. @warriors u had a great regular season. But the greatest team of all time is the 95-96@chicagobulls

The Warriors team is coached by Steve Kerr, another member of that 1995-96 Bulls team. After their Game 7 loss on Sunday, he said the Warriors were "stunned"... but acknowledged that the better team won the NBA Finals.
"That's the beauty of the NBA playoffs. You play a seven-game series. The best team wins and they were better than us in this series," Kerr said.
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