Tyga & Kylie Jenner Still Hooking Up? :::: #Entertainment

The rapper posted an interesting photo on social media early Friday (June 24), which shows Kylie sitting on a bed, alongside the caption: "They always come back..."
Shortly before, Kylie posted a photo of herself on a bed wearing the exact same outfit, leading the blogs to speculate whether they're, at the very least, "friends with benefits" or not.
Tyga has since deleted the photo... but seems to want people to know he and Kylie still bang hang.

The new development in the Tyga/Kylie saga follows a rumored relationshipbetween Kylie and PARTYNEXTDOOR. In fact, she makes out with the singer in his latest music video, "Come and See Me".
Kylie sure is busy these days... or is it all a publicity stunt?

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