#NorrisBennett (@itsyaboiNB) Follow up Interview with @DjLilboFAP of #Globalhiphopevents .com ::::: #Music

(@DJlilboFAP) Welcome Back?

 @itsyaboiNB Its good to be back

(@DJlilboFAP) I hear you been traveling a lot to New York making thing pop tell me how thats going?

@itsyaboiNB Yes, I've been doing a lot of traveling lately, everything is going great, gotta keep grinding.

(@DJlilboFAP) What are your achievements to this date?

@itsyaboiNB Well, some of my achievements include, appearing in Patoranking, Bob Marley's grandson music video, a few TV series; Web Series and HBO's Ballers and  currently working on another, and movies like Organic Man and Alvin and the Chipmunks, started my own hat line.

(@DJlilboFAP) What Label are you sign to now?

@itsyaboiNBI am currently still independent

(@DJlilboFAP) Where would you like to be in your career five years from now?

 @itsyaboiNB Everywhere.... on your radio on your T.V screen and on your Fav. Movies
(@DJlilboFAP)Tell a Little about the up coming movies you in?

 @itsyaboiNB I have a few shows in the works but I can't talk about them now until the ink is dry..

(@DJlilboFAPWhat do you like to do for fun?

 @itsyaboiNB When I have the time, I just like to relax, maybe watch some movies, and if I'm feeling lucky I may even hit the casino.
(@DJlilboFAPWhat are you most proud of?

 @itsyaboiNB Not giving up, there were so many times, things didn't look the way I wanted them to, I could've given up, I even thought about it, but I'm glad I came to my senses and didn't.

(@DJlilboFAPHow did you get aboard work with SouthBeach Tow and How was it?

 @itsyaboiNB I actually found it in a Craigslist post . I went in and was up against people who had agents and I gave a N.B spin on the lines, and the part was mine. The dreads helped a lot too. It was amazing and my first time actually acting on screen.

(@DJlilboFAPWhat are strengths? and What Are your Weakness?

 @itsyaboiNB Music is one of my biggest strengths, but being able to relate to others is another of my many strengths. My weakness is that sometimes my heart is so big, and I think I can save the world.

(@DJlilboFAPWhat do you enjoy about this industry now?

 @itsyaboiNB I enjoy the new opportunities that's constantly being presented as well as the people I get to meet along the way.

(@DJlilboFAPWhat other business ventures do you have going on?

 @itsyaboiNB I'm currently shooting a new web series Coincidence. As well as still working in the studio www.coincidenceshow.com

(@DJlilboFAP)when is the next Album or Mixtape coming out

 @itsyaboiNB  Its Still in the works..... maybe some time on the 4th quarter

(@DJlilboFAP) how can the Globalhiphop readers get in contact with you now?

 @itsyaboiNB instagram,twitter,snapchat @itsyaboiNB my website www.NBrappersanger my email N.Bmusic2009@gmail.com

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