Tyronn Lue Told LeBron James to “Shut The F*ck Up” During Team Huddles :::: #NBA

After firing coach David Blatt in January, the Cleveland Cavaliers made a complete turnover... because Tyronn Lue took back control of the team.
Where Blatt would let LeBron James overwhelm him during timeouts and team huddles, essentially giving up control of the team, Lue ain't having it.
A source tells CBS Sports that things all changed when he first let James know who was in control during a timeout huddle, telling him to "Shut the f*ck up", I got this", earning his respect and taking the reins of the team at the same time.
"If Lue was going to get the stars and the role players to buy into the strategic changes he was determined to implement -- play faster, space the floor, move the ball, take full advantage of Love's versatility -- he was going to have to restore order first," the report says.

"He did it in every way possible, starting with James -- calling him out in film sessions, barking at him in practice, seizing control back. Only then could the Cavaliers evolve into the juggernaut we are witnessing now."
Lue was the top assistant under Blatt, before being elevated to head coach when Blatt was let go.
Since then, the Cavs has been dominant... and earned their second straight trip to the NBA Finals.

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