Macklemore Explains Why He Bought Nude Painting of Justin Bieber :::: #Music

Back in March, Macklemore revealed that he purchased a nude painting of Justin Bieber on the Internet... much to everybody's surprise.
On Friday (June 3), TMZ caught up with the rap star to as him why.
Macklemore revealed that he keeps the painting at his studio, before he explained that it was "an investement piece".

"I think that that painting is going to be worth a lot of money," he said at first, before revealing that it cost him just $20 bucks. "The minute that the Justin Bieber album went number-one, I'm pretty sure that painting went to about 30, 33 bucks. Do the math, man."
Macklemore's math is a little off though. On Etsy, it costs $25 USD... and the rapper actually didn't buy it as an investment. As his chat with TMZ continued, he revealed that he bought it as a White Elephant Christmas gift... and the person that got it, left it at the studio and he's now stuck with it.
LOL! That's one helluva X-mas gift.

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