Jim Jones Addresses Issues With Cam’ron: “Things Happen” :::: #Music

Jim Jones stopped by Hot 97 last Friday (June 17), and opened up about his issues with former Dipset brother, Cam'ron.
Things first came to light earlier this month, when Cam'ron dropped a surprise Dipset collaboration with a track called "Oh Yeah", featuring Juelz Santana. But apparently, Jim Jones recorded a verse for the song... but it was cut from the finalized version.

Jim ultimately called out Cam on Instagram for taking him off the song, and apparently, Cam blocked him.
"I thought it was a joke [that Cam'ron blocked me on Instagram]. I tried to tag him and it was blocked. I was like, 'Oh, they blocked me'," he said with a laugh, during his interview with Hot 97.
"When you ask about Diplomat records, don't ask me. There were Diplomat records out there. There are Diplomat records," Jim added. "Somehow, I'm not making the cut. I guess I ain't good enough."
As for their relationship, Jimmy says the two just grew apart as they became more and more successful.
"For the most part, me and Cam always had a strange relationship," he explained. "Not in the beginning. In the beginning, we was like two peas in a bucket. As time goes and you get money and you that young with so much power, nobody over you telling you what you should be doing, you tend to separate. Money make you your own man, especially when you make a sh*tload of it".
Will Jim and Cam ever reunite? He acknowledges that he's unsure.
"I don't know if this is it, but I ain't tripping," Jones said. "I ain't gonna do through all the back-n-forth, keep doing these interviews and people keep asking me about Dipset and when the next Diplomats album. Or, why don't y'all put an album out or a song out."

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