Dusters Teams Up With California Locos For Skateboard Line :::: #LifeStyle

Dusters California recently announced a collaborative line of skateboards with theCalifornia Locos, five pioneering Los Angeles artists whose roots are steeped in graffiti, surf, skate, punk rock and the contemporary art world.
This collaboration features five boards carefully designed by each artist and brought to reality by Dusters California, led by creative director and co-founder Nano Nobrega.

Chaz Bojórquez, Dave Tourjé, John Van Hamersveld, Norton Wisdom, and Gary Wong make up the California Locos and represent 50 years of Los Angeles art, each having been influenced and inspired by the surf, skate, music and barrio culture, as well as formal art practice. Bojórquez, the godfather of Cholo writing, leaves an indelible mark in every, offering his touch to skateboards for this project. Van Hamersveld is legendary for designing iconic record album covers for bands like The Rolling Stones and The Beatles.
“As a skateboarder, fellow artist and an art lover, I’ve always thrived when I’m able to work with diverse professional artists that work in multiple mediums, such as photography, paint, cinematography, graffiti, illustration, tattoo, music and so many others,” said Dusters co-founder Nano. “This collaboration with artistic icons such as the California Locos is like a dream come true. Dusters California is honored to work with some of the best artists in the world with this new collection.”

These new skateboards have been showcased at a variety of summer events, starting off with the premiere event on June 25 in Venice Beach, Calif., and are available now online.

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