2nd Annual Targa Trophy Supercar Festival (Recap) :::: #Sports

It was an early wet morning in Newport, CA on Saturday (June 7). Drivers and car enthusiasts from up and down Cali gathered for the second annual Targa Trophy Rally, sponsored by MOMO Motorsport.
From Ferraris and BMW to McLarens and Lamborghinis, just about any supercar you can think of was on hand to take part in a rally around Los Angeles, where drivers stopped at numerous checkpoints to gather certain items before reaching the final destination at Hollywood's famed Roosevelt hotel.

We took part in the morning rally, hopping into an alluring BMW i8, sporting MOMO wheels, from their custom forged line. The driver was none other than the Momo owner, Henrique Cisneros.
On first approaching and informing him we were coming along for the ride, he jokingly said, "I'm sorry to hear that." He's a professional driver himself, which our journalist was not aware of.
"It was by accident that I got into it all," Cisneros told us during out drive. "My buddies and I would just race for fun when I got recognized and asked to compete in tournaments, where I happened to win my first one."
MOMO Motorsport was first founded in 1964, but newly acquired by Henrique, he plans to bring the company to the forefront of racing with not only their products, but the lifestyle they base around. "Modernization is a big key and these next couple years will be huge for us," Henrique said.
Upon arrival at the Roosevelt, we chopped it up with Targa Trophy president, Jason Overell, who filled us in on their brand. "Targa Trophy is a lifestyle brand that had it's first test event in 2007. 2009 is when it became a business and we created our own unique road rally format."
As for the future, Jason says: "We’re in the middle of evolving the brand into a full lifestyle brand, developing apparel based of the Targa Trophy name and getting into more content with our YouTube page."
The next Targa Trophy Rally will be "Euro vs JDM", and is set for July 23, where cars from everywhere will meet in Downtown Los Angeles and drive to Las Vegas for a special event. For more info, visit TargaTrophy.com.

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