Trumptendo: Defeat Donald Trump in Modded Classic NES Games :::: #Tech

It's safe to say, presidential candidate
Donald Trump isn't the most popular figure in America. When a rapper releases a song called "F*ck Donald Trump", you've made some waves.
The latest anti-Trump campaign comes in the form of Trumptendo, a series of classic Nintendo video games that replaces antagonists like Donkey Kong, Bowser, and Mike Tyson with Donald Trump.

Created by artist Jeff Hong, the series includes fully functional games that can be played on your desktop web browser. Visit to play now.
"The whole purpose of the site is to parody Trump and make him look like the bad guy" in the game, Hong told Motherboard. "To make sure that people don't think I'm pro-Trump, I put Bernie Sanders in a few of the games just to show that this is a parody against Trump. That's the most important thing I was trying to get across, trying to make this as anti-Trump as I can."
ProTip: To skip directly to Trump in Donald Trump's Punch Out, select "Continue" on the main title screen and enter the code 007 373 5963.

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