Former Death Row Artist Danny Boy Calls Suge Knight “a Crook” :::: #Music

Danny Boy worked extensively
with Death Row Records in the 1990s, specifically on hit songs with the late Tupac Shakur... but says he was never paid.
In an interview Vlad TV, the singer opened up about Suge Knight... and not being paid royalties for his contribution. Essentially, he calls the former hip-hop mogul a "crook".
"He's a crook. A big crook," Danny Boy says. "I wrote a lot of records. I shouldn't be trying to figure out, financially, how to take care of... my daughter be 21 in a week or so. My dream was to always get her a car when she turned 21. That shouldn't be a dream still... not from the music I've done. That should be reality. I don't have a plaque on the wall... out of all the records I recorded on."

"[Suge Knight] passified people," he continued. "Yea, he gave us money and gave us cars, but I just told you. The car that he gave me for Christmas, that wasn't my car. It was something that he just passified me with... when I should be able to say that I got a car from this. None of the houses I lived in was my houses -- me and other artists. As I grew as an adult, I'm really looking at this dude as a father. This dude is an opportunist. I don't think he loved nobody. I think he's a selfish ass dude. Suge don't love nobody but himself. Not even his family. It's about him."
Danny Boy goes on to say that he's been unable collect any royalties, even after coming to an agreement with Afeni Shakur over Tupac's 1996 hit single, "I Ain't Mad At Cha".

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