Adrien Broner Drops Floyd Mayweather/TMT Diss Track :::: #Sports

The beef between Floyd Mayweather and Adrien Broner continues, and the latest twist comes in the form of a diss track by Broner called "Slammer".
On the song, Broner freestyles over
Desiigner's "Panda" instrumental, while taking some subtle jabs at his Floyd and his TMT company.
While he doesn't exactly say say much about Mayweather or TMT, the boxer/rapper does mention his recent win over his TMT boxer Ashley Theophane. "I watch all of these n*ggas / I got Floyd going against me, I really ain't tripping," Broner raps. "Turned on me over some business / I found out I couldn't get him, so I knocked out his n*gga."

Later, Broner goes on to namedrop some TMT members he does still like, before adding: "If you ain't none of them niggas and reppin' that Money Team, sh*t, swear to God, you could get it."
Listen to the song and watch its video below.

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