The Game & Stitches Exchange Threats On Social Media :::: #Music

The Game and StitchesThe Game and Miami rapper Stitches had a heated exchange on social media this week.
First, Stitches took to Instagram to call out the Compton rapper and challenge him to a fight.
"This p*ssy ass n*gga named The Game always wanna write on Twitter and Instagram that he gonna f*ck n*ggas up. You ain't gonna f*ck Young Thug up, you ain't gonna f*ck me up, n*gga," Stitches said in a video. "You ain't no boxer. We saw when you fought 40 Glocc, you can't even through a punch p*ssy ass n*gga. Come see me boy.
Later, he questioned Game's gang ties, saying he's not respected in his hometown of Compton.
"I know Bloods and Crips in Compton, and they all say you a bitch-ass n*gga, bruh," Stitches says. "Except only thing with me is, I'm affiliated with them. I ain't a Blood or a Crip. It's TMI Gang or nothing, p*ssy n*gga. When you got the balls to come see me, put a hundred thou' on it."

Stitches also posted a series of images with alleged direct messages from The Game calling him out.
The Game responded with a video on Instagram, calling Stitches a fan.
"Number one, I ain't sent your f*ggot-ass no motherf*cking DM. Number two, any n*gga name that rhymes with 'bitches' ain't nobody f*cking with you. You lame. Your music wack and I will put hands on you, n*gga. I ain't sent you no message. You a f*cking fan, n*gga," Game says.

In the caption of the video, Game claims Stitches is mad because he wouldn't take a picture with him while in Miami.
"To whatever lame mothaf*cka it concern: creating fake DM's pretending to be talkin to me.... That's hoe sh*t, When will these bitch n*ggas learn ?" The Game writes. "You begged to get in my section tryna get a picture in Miami & I said 'f*ck that weird looking ass n*gga to yo face'.... You got sad Game ain't wanna take a picture wit yo sucka ass, now you on social media posting guns ??? The n*gga that paint his nails & wear Girl Scout skirts more of a threat than you..... Betta be easy outchea bitch...."

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