Portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker by AYLSoundFit #ProductReview by RandyB ::::: #TechNews

Check out this awesome Portable outdoor Bluetooth speaker by AYL SoundFit. here is my pros and cons on this product starting off with the build quality its nicely built strong durable and its waterproof. Next is the sound its okay could be a little louder (useing Samssung s5) but the bass is bumping lol. the final is the 8-10 hours of rechargeable battery life and it Pairs with you iphone,Samsung or any of Bluetooth devices. I have a few pics out the SoundFit out on the Beach on one of the pic the waves got the speaker and still worked amazing i most definitely recommend this product its perfect if you are a the beach pool or just in the house im in South Florida so im all way on SouthBeach with SoundFit awesome product. you can purchase here on #Amazon http://www.amazon.com/dp/B014VJD6PQ  check more out on Instagram at #AYLSoundFitWaterproofBluetoothSpeaker (This Product is free from Ayl)

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