Paul Pierce Says If Clippers Win This Year, It’ll Be His Last :::: #NBA

Paul PiercePaul Pierce will turn 38 years old this month, and this year, he'll play in his 18th professional season. But, will it be his last? He says if the Clippers win the 2016 championship next June, it will be.
"If we win this year -- win a championship -- I'll probably be done with basketball, just to be honest," Pierce told ESPN recently. "It would be a dream -- to be home, to be able to carry the championship trophy down Manchester Boulevard -- it would be a dream come true. I'm excited for this moment."
In addition to on-court contributions, the 10-time NBA All-Star says he'll bring much more to the team this year.

"I think I can bring an attitude," Pierce said. "Some teams just need a personality adjustment. I can help in that department. I think with the guys we picked up, I can really help in that department. I think to win in this league, you have to have a certain nastiness to you, a certain attitude."
During the off-season, Pierce signed a three-year, $10 million contract with the Clippers, where he reunites with Doc Rivers, his coach in Boston, where the two won a title together in 2008.

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