Layers Of Fear – Xbox Game Preview (Trailer) :::: #VideoGmes

Layers Of Fear - Xbox Game Preview (Trailer)This Fall, Bloober Team's horror title Layers Of Fear is set to be released on the Xbox One's Game Preview program.
Similar to Steam's Early Access, which the title is currently available for, this version ofLayers Of Fear allows gamers to check out the action before the final release. So far, it's about 80-percent finished and features nearly three hours of polished game play.
Layers Of Fear is a psychedelic adventure horror game about a madness-engulfed insane painter striving to create the work of his life. In the game, you learn the dark story of his past while gathering carefully-crafted personal items that can be found in the game. Traverse the vision-induced, constantly shifting house full of supernatural phenomena, where each move of the camera can change the environment, and discover the true motive of the artist.
Check out the teaser trailer, before its released as a Game Preview for the Xbox One.

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