Judge Sides With Damon Dash’s Ex-Wife In Custody Battle :::: #Music

Damon DashDamon Dash took a loss in court on Thursday (Oct. 8), when a judge sided with his ex-wife in their custody battle.
According to TMZ, a Los Angeles judge ruled that Dash must have monitored visitation with his 7-year-old Tallulah... because he smokes too much weed.
In court, ex-wife Rachel Roy accused Dash of being an unfit parent, and under his care, her daughters regularly missed school. Furthermore, she claims he's an abusive stoner with a history of domestic violence.
A judge agreed on Dash's use of marijuana, and upheld the monitored visitation, and ordered Damon stay away from weed for 24 hours before each visit.
TMZ says Dash was extremely upset and went off on the judge, before finally calming down.

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