Gucci: The Most Name-Dropped Fashion Brand In Hip-Hop :::: #Fashion

Gucci logoThe relationship between fashion brands and hip-hop has never been as close as it has become today.
These days, artists sign deals with brands and become endorsers, while in the past, an artist might rock a brand simply because they're fans. Even in songs, the name-dropping of brands is more prevalent than ever, and topping those mentions is Italian fashion house, Gucci.
Macy's newly launched website M has produced an infographic detailing which brands are the most name-dropped in hip-hop music, analyzing lyrics from songs over the last 20 years. From A$AP Rocky shouting out labels brands in "Fashion Killa" to the Notorious B.I.G.'s dropping Versace and Moschino in "Hypnotize," countless songs are accounted for with designers being tallied.
The result show that Gucci topped the "10 Most-Mentioned Fashion Brands In Hip Hop" list, above brands like Prada, Nike, Louis Vuitton, Armani and Adidas. 
Gucci: The Most Name-Dropped Fashion Brand In Hip-Hop

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