Google Introduces The Chromecast 2 :::: #TechNews

Google Introduces The Chromecast 2After selling more than 20 million units, Google finally updates its popular Chromecast... with the introduction of the Chromecast 2.
It sports an all-new design and is available in a trio of colors. New features include a built-in HDMI cable and a trio of Wi-Fi antennas called an "adaptive antenna system" that offers a better Internet connection than the previous model.
Joining the Chromecast 2 is Google's new Chromecast Audio. Originally codenamed "Hendrix," the device can basically turn any set of speakers to an Internet-connected version. Users simply plug in the device via the included AUX cable and use their phone to control the device, streaming the likes of Spotify directly to the speakers. It also includes HQ capabilities for use with higher-end speakers.
The new Chromecast 2 and Audio are available now directly from Google for just $35 USD each.

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