Derrick Rose Says Accuser Consented To Group Sex :::: #NBA

Derrick RoseAfter being accused of gang-raping an ex-girlfriend with his friends back in 2013, Derrick Rose has responded, saying the woman consented to group sex.
A woman, identified only as Jane Doe, claims Rose, his manager Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen drugged her at his Beverly Hills home in August 2013. Luckily, she escaped with a friend... but the NBA star and friends broke into her Los Angeles apartment later that same evening and raped her.
In a lawsuit, she say she waited two years to come forth because she was "ashamed and embarrassed" by what happened and was worried about her "conservative family" finding out.
This week, TMZ obtained legal documents filed by Rose, in which he says his accuser "consented to sexual interaction with more than one co-defendant on more than one occasion, consented to sexual interactions on the day in question, and invited the defendants to her apartment and buzzed them in."
The NBA star says the problems between he and the woman began after he refused to reimburse her for sex toys she bought for the night in question... and stopped replying to her text messages.

During the Bulls media day on Monday (Sept. 28), Rose further addressed the allegations.
"I will be proven innocent, but at the same time, it hasn't affected anything. It's not true. I take it as motivation," Rose said. "I feel like the devil is just working. I feel like I'm on the right track as far as where I want to be at in my life. And I feel like when you're that focused, people try to take you down. I'm very confident that I will be proven innocent."

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