Bad Azz Recalls Nate Dogg Calling Him After Tupac’s Shooting :::: #Music

Bad AzzLos Angeles rapper Bad Azz has been in the game for a long time, coming up under Snoop Dogg and Tha Dogg Pound, and even grew close to the late Tupac during his Death Row days.
In a recent interview with Vlad TV, Bad Azz recalled the first time he heard Pac had been shot in Las Vegas... which he was told about from Nate Dogg.
Apparently, Nate was with Tupac, riding in a few cars behind his... and witnessed the shooting taking place.
"I was at the studio with Daz and Nate Dogg called us," Bad Azz explained. "And he actually -- See, a lot of people don't know when they talk about Pac living and all this stuff. We had so much information and so much proof that he had got shot, it was like we knew he was shot. Snoop even went to the hospital. I wanted to go. But he told me they wouldn't let me in. So, he went. He saw him. He told me 'Pac's not doing good, Bad Azz.' But Nate Dogg was the first one to call. And he saw the shooting. So, a lot of people don't know that... They asked a lot of people questions, but it's a lot of stuff that people didn't want to talk about. But Nate Dogg told me personally that he saw the car, which everyone said was a Cadillac... When he called and said the news, he didn't say ‘Tupac was shot.' He said Tupac and Suge Knight was dead. That was the first news I got."

As Bad Azz continued, he went on to explained that he was later informed that Suge was alive and Tupac was in critical condition.
Elsewhere in the interview, Bad Azz revealed plans to release new music that will feature Tupac.
"I got some new stuff I'mma put out with Pac," he said. "I haven't -- It makes me upset that he's been gone for this long and no new rappers -- And not because they can't because sometimes it's hard to get a clearance, but a lot of these cats don't know you gotta go to mom. You gotta talk to his real estate. The people who really, really, really are over Tupac's music and art right now. And you can get clearances... I'mma just drop some new stuff with Pac... I have one unreleased verse and I have several others, acapellas that have came out."

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