“Back To The Future” Pepsi Perfect Teased At New York Comic Con :::: #LifeStyle

Pepsi Perfect at New York Comic Con
After announcing that limited bottles of Pepsi Perfect, from 1989's Back To The Future II, would be released this month, Pepsi sets up an exhibit at the New York Comic Con to celebrate.
If you're not following, a faux bottle of Pepsi Perfect appeared in the classic Back To The Future II film, when Marty McFly went into Cafe 80s. The date in the movie was Oct. 21, 2015. With the actual date looming, Pepsi is releasing a limited amount of the Pepsi Perfect bottles, and is currently promoting the campaign at New York's Comic Con.
At the NYCC booth, located at CP101, the brand put together the Cafe 80s counter (from the film) with Pepsi Perfect being dispensed.
Check out the teaser below.

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