Wrestling Legend Sting Suffers “Significant” Injury ::::: #Sports

StingIconic wrestling star Sting suffered a "significant" injury on Sunday night (Sept. 20) that may end his long career.
The 56-year-old was facing off against reigning champion Seth Rollins at Night of Champions in Houston, when he was given a "buckle bomb" -- a move in which he's carried on Rollins's shoulders and then thrown back-first into the corner turnbuckle.
After the move, Sting staggered out of the corner and his legs seemed wobbly before he fell to the mat.
From there, he was whipped him off the ropes, he ran slowly and then tumbled to the mat. The referee then checked on him and signaled for a WWE Certified Athletic Trainer at ringside to attend to him.

The wrestling legend eventually got back to his feet and finished the match.
WWE.com confirmed the injury, but haven't offered other details.
Sting's career started in the mid-1980s, and is considered one of the best in-ring performers in wresting history.

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