Waka Flocka On Relationship With Gucci Mane: “That’s My Boy” :::: #Fashion

Waka Flocka FlameWith Gucci Man being incarcerated for over two years now, it seems the time away has healed the wounds between him and protege Waka Flocka Flame.
The pair were feuding in the months leading up to Guwop's incarceration, but apparently, they've worked out their issues. During a recent interview on Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning, Waka referred to Gucci as his "boy" and revealed that the two have been in contact.
"Yeah, we speak," he said, when asked about his relationship with Gucci Mane. "That's my boy. At the end of the day, if Gucci [struggling broke], I still looked like a f*cked up person for that. At the end of the day, my platform was with Gucci. You follow me? It's nothing I can ever say now -- Where I'm at in life, I did that. But my beginning started with Gucci. It helped both of us out."
As he continued, Waka credited both sides for their fuel, which escalated when Gucci went on Twitter and booted his former friend from his 1017 Brick Squad camp.
"Of course, I was mad as a motherf*cker [over Gucci's infamous Twitter rant]. I was madder than this before," he explained. "Like we hit before. Me and him fought before. All the time. It just so happened that social media be out and then when people see that -- It was on both our sides. I was wrong too. Cause Gucci called my older brother. Like 'Yo, let me talk to Waka.' I'm like 'Nah n*gga, suck my d*ck. F*ck you, n*gga. When I see you I'mma punch you in the face.' He was like 'What? Oh, aight.' And he go on his Twitter rant.

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