UFC’s Nick Diaz Suspended For 5 Years For Failed Drug Test :::: #MMA

Nick DiazThe Nevada Athletic Commission has had enough of UFC welterweight Nick Diaz, laying down a five-year suspension following third marijuana-related offense of his career.
According to MMAFighting, Nevada commissioners voted Monday (Sept. 14) to levy an unprecedented five-year suspension on the outspoken UFC contender, stemming from a failed post-fight drug test on Jan. 31 at UFC 183, where he lost to Anderson Silva who later tested positive for PEDs.
Diaz, 32, will also be fined $165,000.  Nevada commissioners noted Diaz's status as a repeat offender when discussing the severity of their punishment. He previously positive for marijuana use in Nevada in both 2007 and 2012.
"We had an athlete that came before us in 2007 and he promised, 'I'm not going to do this ever again,' " saiid commissioner Pat Lundvall. "Then we saw him again in 2012, and we know that he failed to show for a drug test then in 2009. We're now in 2015, and it doesn't appear that any of these proceedings have had an impact on the athlete, and it doesn't appear that the athlete is afforded the respect that this commission and the opportunity and the privilege for him to fight in the state then affords."

Under the proposed amendments to the NAC drug code, which go into effect later this year and were not valid at the time of Diaz's fight, a third-time positive test for marijuana metabolites would constitute a three-year suspension.
Diaz's attorney Lucas Middlebrook told reporters following the hearing that Diaz plans to appeal the commission's decision, referring the judgment as a "vendetta suspension," reports ESPN.
If the suspension stands, Diaz will be 36 years old when allowed to return to competition.

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