Lil Wayne Talks Drake, Jay Z & More On ESPN Radio :::: #Music

Lil Wayne appeared on ESPN Radio recently, where he had a wide-ranging discussion about everything from his first Lil WeezyAna Fest to Drake.
Lil WayneAs for the New Orleans festival, the rapper reacted to the first-annual event, which he started in order to raise money to help rebuild his hometown after Hurricane Katrina. "I brought out every era of New Orleans music, up until me and my music, and it was crazy for me to be able to be the last man standing," explained Wayne.
Later, Weezy recalled the first time he discovered Drake. He says he told him, "I see you," and encouraged him to rap about "whatever you wanna rap about. Rap about your little TV show, rap about girls, don't start singing about killing nobody. Rap about what you know, keep it Canadian."

Despite how successful Drizzy has become, Wayne still feels he's the best. "Man, I annihilate that guy," he said.
Wayne also offered his thoughts on the N.W.A biopic, Straight Outta Compton. "It was awesome," he said. "Of course they left a lot out, but the movie was great. They had some characters in there that didn't get it right, but that's OK."
And even reflected on getting a phone call from Jay Z early in his career, who told him, "Lil' homie, I see you." "At that moment, my mama couldn't tell me nothing," said Weezy. "It's crazy how something like that, something so specific could make you feel solidified. That phone call right there was serious to me."

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