Introducing Guinness Nitro IPA :::: #LifeStyle

Guinness Nitro IPAAfter introducing a blonde lager last fall, Guinness continues to roll out new beers... the latest being Nitro IPA.
The new beer carries Guinness-style nitrogenation and India Pale Ale characteristics for the introduction of their latest offering. The Nitro IPA combines a hop-forward IPA profile with the qualities of a classic Guinness pint.
By blending CO2 and Nitrogen, the beer balances out the profusion of hop flavors, while also creating the signature surge and settle made famous by Guinness Draught.
Brewed with Irish barley malt, a touch of roasted barley and five hop varieties -- Admiral, Celeia, Topaz, Challenger and Cascade -- the beer employs the same Guinness yeast strain used to ferment all stouts at St. James's Gate.
Guinness Nitro IPA is available, on tap, in select bars across the country and hit shelves nationwide this month.

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