Plies Giving Away 25 'Personal Items' For 'Goon Affiliated' Contest

Florida rapper Plies is known to be very generous. Just last year, he paid a young fan to leave his show because of his explicit lyrics, and offered to cover another's college tuition.
As the release date for his upcoming fourth studio album Goon Affiliated nears, the rapper has announced plans of a contest in which he will numerous prizes, daily, until his album drops.
The "Goon Affiliated Giveaway" will last 25 days, beginning on May 1st and continue until the 25th when his new album drops.
Each day a lucky fan will win a prize. Plies is giving away everything from an iPad and shopping sprees to mortgage and health care assistance. 25 total.
"My music is very much reflective of the ills of our community and real talk," said Plies. "There are people out there struggling to make ends meet in this economy. This giveaway to me is more than just a countdown to my album release, it's about giving back to my community and anybody who knows me knows that's what it's all about. So for me it's about being able to help out where help is needed."
Here's how it works. Starting May 1st, fans can call the toll-free number, 1-866-983-2111, and if Plies answers, the caller will receive a special prize.
Fans must send an email to, and then calling the giveaway hotline. Plies will only be answering the line once a day. "Every day, for 25 straight days, I'm going to be giving away my own personal items. Big sh**. Real big sh**," the rapper explained.
So far, three tracks from Goon Affiliated have been released: "Becky", "Medicine" and the most recent, "She Got It Made," which he has just released a video for.
(Watch the official music video for "She Got It Made" right here )
Additional guest appearances and production credits are unknown at press time.
The album hits stores May 25th.


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