Ole Remember Me??? A*ss Rapper Chopper Disses The Sh*t Out Of Diddy “90% Of His Music Is WACK”!

Former Bad Boy Artist Chopper has been running his mouth about his old boss, Diddy. Pop the hood to read his exact words.
In a recent interview with VIBE Chopper gave his opinion on Diddy’s group Dirty Money:
I’m not a fan. I would never do something like that. But I’d do a song with Diddy. To be honest with you, I always wanted to be solo, I just went to the Making The Band auditions because there was nothing else to do that day.
I respect [Diddy’s] hustler savvy. Music wise, you and I know that 90 percent of Diddy’s music is wack. The only reason people respect Diddy is because of his hustle. So no matter what he put out you’re just like “Look at this old hustling motherfu*ker.” You don’t even think about the music. Being in a group with two girls… all that sh*t’s weird. I don’t like it. What’s that one song called [groans “Angels”]? That song made my ears explode. I swear to God. I’m no more good when I hear that song. Who the fu*k gave him this money?


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