The King Of Bling Is Outta The Bing… Jacob “The Jeweler” Moved To Halfway House

Jacob Arabov Diddy Sean Combs Convict
Seems like only yesterday that shady diamond dealer Jacob “The Jeweler” Arabov was heading in for some fed time, but it’s looking like he’ll be back to slingin’ his bling in no time. Pop the hood for details.
Jacob the Jeweler was transferred from federal prison to a halfway house on March 25. The King of Bling, 44, real name Jacob Arabov, was sentenced in 2008 to 2½ years for lying to investigators probing money laundering by Detroit’s Black Mafia gang. The judge cut the sentence by seven months citing Jacob’s good works for charity. Arabov, who is given shout-outs in 62 different rap songs, is scheduled for full release in September. Meanwhile, during the day he can help wife Angela run Jacob & Co. He just has to return to the “residential re-entry facility” each night.
Ain’t this some bullshizz… Seems like there is a double standard going on here. Since when does a little charity work get you off early?
Sheeeet, if that’s the case the judge needs to lighten all the BMF sentences cuz they did more than a little bit of charity work over at Onyx and Magic City!

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