Model of the Week..

Lilbo561)Tell Me about yourself?
{ices} am ices alexander,
i'm 25 outgoing,love outdoor activites,family and goal oriented,love to travel & shop,most of my downtime is spent in spas,playing call of duty,or networking online,,oh i'm soo loveable and totally unleavable,lol
( Lilbo561)Where were you born? What city and County you reppin?
{ices}i was born in alton illinois,right outside of st louis but now i live in florida

(Lilbo561)What are your achievements to this date?
{ices}i'm working on so many projects right now,i can barely keep up,but u can check me out in new power magazine,
(sweetest hangover video {with colosus-u can catch me repping {hood tv chicago}i'm the first lady of the movement,host 4 video media{bizio network
promotion/marketing{dreamgirlz ent marketing agency
king magazines cyber cutie-anywhere from hosting countless amounts of parties to blessing album/mixtape covers
Lilbo561)What is the most difficult Situation you have had to face and how did
              you tackle it?
{ices}hmm i would have to say loosing my grandma and grandpa,it kinda took a toll on my whole family,but it made me grow up very quickly,it just made me plan big and dream bigger,i grew up with all boys so i had to be tough,but i love the woman it made me today

(Lilbo561)What are strengths? and What Are your Weakness?
{ices} would say my strength is my strength-my weakness hmm nice abs,,lol,jk,i would have to say i'm afraid of failing,but my strength makes me strive for more and if i feel like i'm falling i go in grind mode and it helps to have good people in your corner
(Lilbo561)What do you enjoy about this industry?
{ices}i live life in the fast lane,i feel like this industry is a never ending corporation,it's fun,competetive and entertaining,so i love evrything about it except the non believers,and there the viewers so they ok with me,


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