Lil Wayne’s Life As A Prison Mistress: An Inside Look At “Inmate Carter”

If you are curious as to what Little Weezykins is doing while serving time at Riker’s, please flip the script for details…
“Inmate Carter is in a category of housing that we call ‘general population/escort,’ ” a New York City Department of Corrections official tells PEOPLE. That means when he leaves the housing area (his cell or the day room), he will have a captain escorting him at all times. On an hourly basis, the rapper can decide if he wants to be locked in his cell or locked out of it – for security reasons, inmates are not allowed to freely move between their cell and the common areas.
What else can Lil’ Wayne expect from the year ahead? The official shared the following details:
The Day Room
In this common area, which he shares with 19 other inmates, Lil Wayne can watch television, play cards, read the paper or just socialize. Since the day room is within the housing area, he does not have an escort here.
The Meals
Breakfast is served at 4:30 a.m. Since a number of inmates will be going to court on any given day, the morning starts early for Riker’s residents. Lunch is served at 11, dinner at 4:30 p.m.
The Clothes
Lil Wayne will wear the standard institutional clothing: Green work shirt and pants, slip-on style sneakers.
The Cell
His six-by-ten space features a steel cot connected to the wall, a mattress, a sheet, a blanket and a pillow. There’s a sink and toilet in the cell as well, plus his personal property which includes the standard cup, razor, toothbrush and soap assigned to each inmate.
Outside the Housing Area
With his escort, Lil Wayne can leave the housing area for attorney visits, regular visits (he’ll get two per week with up to three visitors), religious services or jail-offered programs such as one that helps inmates transition back into society. While some inmates have work assignments in and around the jail, he will not because, “then you’d have to send somebody off to escort him every day,” says the official.
One hour per day. The rapper’s facility features outdoor basketball courts.
The Commissary
He can buy snacks and toiletries from his Commissary account, which friends and family can contribute to online. Reports that he’ll have an ipod are untrue, though he can purchase a battery-operated AM/FM radio and earphones to listen to music.
They failed to mention how Weezy will get his daily supply of stacked cups and sizzurp…


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