Wycelf Jean Reacts To Human Trafficking Arrests In Haiti

In light of the tragedy in Haiti, a new problem is rising in the capital of Port Au Prince, human trafficking.
Ten Americans were arrested Sunday on charges of human trafficking after Haitian officials say they tried to take 33 Haitian children ranging in age from 2 months to 12 years to the Dominican Republic without proper documentation and permission.
Now outraged about the turmoil racking his country, Wyclef Jean released a series of angry tweets denouncing the traffickers saying,
“My message to the child traffickers n Haiti I give you my word we will hunt you Down one by one, and you will be judge(d) with no Mercy!”

The civilians accused of trafficking are part of a Baptist church in the U.S. and maintain that they were trying to save abandoned and orphaned children and planned to relocate them to safety.
They are being held at a government building until officials determine if they should go before a judge.
Haiti's government has halted all adoptions for the time being unless the adoption plans were set in motion before the quake.

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