Man Intentionally Spreads HIV to 100 Women

Police in Indiana have 47-year-old Tony Perkins in custody after they say he purposely tried to spread the HIV virus to 100 women over a period of five years.
Authorities say Perkins used popular dating website to contact women, wine and dine them before passing along the virus.
His ex-girlfriend who was involved with Perkins and wishes to remain anonymous, turned him in and tells 6News Indiana,
“It's my personal mission to help save lives. God spared me. I've tested negative for a year. My last AIDS test was in February. Maybe I was the angel to stop the anti-Christ.

She then says that when she asked him why he did it he replied,
“A whore gave it to me, so if a whore wants to sleep with me on the first night, she deserves what she gets.”

Police believe he had unprotected sex with at least 100 women, 10 of which have come forward so far.
Police now say they'll go through his cell phone records to try and notify the other women.
He has been charged with failure of carriers of dangerous communicable diseases to warn persons at risk and intimidation.
put him in jail for life, that's murder!

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