Happy Birthday Justin Timberlake! You’re 29 , Jan. 31!


Hey Justin, it’s your year to shine!

Justin Timberlake, you are going to have a hit-making 2010. Your Moon-Neptune conjunction and Leo rising are conspiring to give you many outlets for expressing your creativity. Astrology.com explains!
Happy birthday, Justin Timberlake! With a shape-shifting Moon-Neptune conjunction and a magnanimous Leo rising to boldly express your diverse talents as dancer, musician, actor and comedian, you are a quintessential artist. Your role as a “great communicator” will expand in the coming year, as the planets benevolently conspire to land you a sexy soapbox from which you’ll showcase your divine way with words. Whether this manifests as a permanent playa’ on SNL or a new hit song, you will definitely bring something back in 2010. We can’t wait!

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