11 Year Old Girl Has Baby With Stepfather

In a disturbing turn of events, reports have stated that an 11 year old girl gave birth to a child on December 12 of last year.
The twist is that the father of the child is actually her stepfather who is now being placed under investigation for sexual assault and is currently residing in the county jail.
Sickening details revealed that the stepfather, 27, had been having sex with his stepdaughter since she was six and would engage in sexual intercourse two to three times a week.
Although DNA testing has confirmed him as the father of his stepdaughter's child, he still is unwilling to admit that he is the biological father.
The 11 year old, along with her child, is now under the supervision of the CPS, Child Protective Services, and is staying with relatives until the case is resolved.
WTF is the world coming to?

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